A fresh approach
to sales & acquisitions...
...with a unique,
transparent, fixed rate
commission structure...
This is aircraft sales...
The Affinity Way.
The Affinity Way.



a spontaneous or natural liking for someone or something.

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About Affinity Aviation

A fresh approach to aircraft sales & acquisitions

Imagine an aviation business based on transparency and clarity. You have pictured Affinity Aviation. We have created a unique and straightforward 1-2-3% commission structure of charges for all transactions. Our philosophy is built on our deep knowledge of the global business aviation market and a clear understanding of what our clients are looking for from their sales agent. Affinity Aviation is the vision of trusted professionals, each of whom will be personally managing your business aviation transactions and critically, we’ll stay with you every step of the way. Fixed transaction commission rates.
  • 1% Large Jets
  • 2% Mid-size Jets
  • 3% Light Jets
(Subject to mutually agreed aircraft valuation)
For more information on Affinity Aviation Group services contact sales@affinity-aviation.com

Aircraft Sales

We adopt a partnering approach to aircraft sales

When you approach us for the upgrade of your aircraft, as with a sourcing task, we will work closely with you to establish the desired criteria for the transaction. Once these are defined we will stay with you throughout all stages of the project process until successful completion of the sale. Our sales agreements are simple, our prices are fixed and you can be assured of the upmost attention throughout.

For more information on Affinity Aviation Group services contact

Sourcing & Acquisitions

We source the aircraft you need for a fixed fee you will like

Our straightforward approach with our commission structure is complemented by our creative outlook, attentive and proactive service and proven aircraft sourcing methodology. Before starting work on your aircraft acquisition we will together establish the goals and the parameters for the task.

Your dedicated Affinity agent will apply our collective experience and understanding of the diverse aviation disciplines relevant to aircraft acquisition to deliver you the ideal aircraft.

VIP Charter

A fresh thinking approach to VIP charter

Whether your charter requirement is for a discreet and luxurious flight in a Learjet or the hire of a private corporate airliner for a performance artist or sports tour, government, business or royalty, our charter management team will guide you through every step of the way.  Providing you with a bespoke, luxury private jet charter service and an unparalleled flight experience.  

Your personal flight manager will ensure that the pre, during and post flight experience with Affinity Aviation Charter will be simple, effortless and relaxed, endeavouring to exceed your expectations at every opportunity. Delivering a service that really makes a difference.  

For a quote on any trip you require or for further information on this service please contact one of our consultants at:

+44 (0)20 7887 6150


To benefit from the continued success of our transparent and unique business philosophy, please contact one of our consultants at:

+44 (0)20 7887 6150

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