Service Fees


Below you will find our clear and straightforward fixed fee schedule for the two FlyAffinity membership types.

FlyAffinity – Pay as you go
Members are invoiced monthly at the rates set out in the terms and conditions.
£500 Domestic flight, £1,000 International flight, £2,000 flights 5 hours or more
Additional flight sectors £150 each
Additional Flight Sectors for flights 5 or more hours £350 each
Helicopter flights £150 per flight
Ancillary extras £50 per travel itinerary

FlyAffinity – Reserve
Members are invoiced £3,000 monthly, inclusive of all flights up to 12 flight sectors.
Inclusive of all ancillary extras.
Flight sector 13 and beyond, in any given calendar month, will be charged at the standard pay as you go fixed fee rates.
No additional charges for ancillary extras.
No charge if the member does not fly in any given calendar month.

Same day return flights are only charged as one service and there is no additional sector fee.
Multiple sector flights, booked with one aircraft operator, over any length of stay, will be charged as one service fee plus additional sectors.
Group bookings of 15 or more passengers start with a service fee from £1,000 including Domestic flights.
Group bookings do not form part of the Reserve inclusive package and would be charged separately.
If you require regular, large group travel of 15 or more, we will create a bespoke Reserve package, tailored to your personal needs.

Service fee example savings

Example private charter route Operator cost FlyAffinity fee Industry wide fee 7.5% Potential saving
Jersey to Manchester one way
(Mid Size)
£14,000 £500 £1,135 £635
Milan to London one way
(Mid Size)
£25,000 £1,000 £2,027 £1,027
London to Barbados return
(Heavy Jet) Same aircraft operator
£225,000 £2,350 £18,243 £15,893
New York to Geneva one way
(Ultra Long)
£110,000 £2,000 £8,918 £6,918
London to Paris to Zurich return to London next day
(Mid Size) Same aircraft operator
£35,000 £1,150 £2,837 £1,687
Total monthly spend £409,000 £7,000 £33,160 £26,160

As a FlyAffinity Reserve member with a monthly fee of £3,000 GBP you would save £30,160 GBP using the above illustrated example.

Membership type FlyAffinity Service Fixed Fee
Pay as you go Domestic flight (less than 5 hours) £500 GBP
International flight (less than 5 hours) £1,000 GBP
Flights of more than 5 hours* £2,000 GBP
Additional flight sectors £150 GBP
Additional flight sectors of more than 5 hours*
(domestic or international)
£350 GBP
Groups of more than 15 passengers £1,000 GBP**
Helicopter flight £150 GBP per flight
Ancillary extras £50 GBP per itinerary
FlyAffinity Reserve Monthly Inclusive of 12 flight sectors and all ancillary extras service fees (Pay as you go fixed fees apply thereafter as detailed above) Flat monthly fee
£3,000 GBP

*Flight time above 5 hours as quoted by the Aircraft Operator at the time of quotation.
**Group travel starts from £1,000 GBP per flight. Service fee set with our member prior to booking based on the complexity of the travel itinerary.