Maximise your aircraft

An introduction to Affinity Aviation Group aircraft sales

Imagine an aviation business based on transparency and clarity and you have pictured Affinity Aviation Group. We have created a unique and straight forward 1-2-3% commission structure of charges for all our transactions. Our philosophy is built on our deep knowledge of the global business aviation market and a clear understanding of what our clients are looking for from their sales agent. Affinity Aviation Group is the vision of trusted and knowledgeable professionals, each of whom will be personally managing your business aviation transactions and critically we’ll stay with you every step of the way.

Fixed transaction commission rates:

1% Large Jets
2% Mid-size Jets
3% Light Jets

(Subject to mutually agreed valuation)


Preparing your aircraft to sell for the maximum value

One of the most important aspects of aircraft sales is a tangible and concise maintenance history, something that can begin as soon as an aircraft is acquired. If an aircraft demonstrates a proven history of timely scheduled maintenance it clearly shows that the owner has taken good care of it. Needless to say that an aircraft with good, easily accessible documentation could sell faster or at a higher price than a similar plane with poorly kept records.

In any eventuality, if there comes a time where you need to sell your aircraft, whether trading up or even when downsizing a fleet, having good records of all of your aircraft’s service and speed of any transaction. It’s important to begin preparing for the sale of your aircraft soon after taking possession of it.


Refurbishments and improvements

If you are thinking about making any improvements or updates to your aircraft e.g. a newer operating system, upgrading the entertainment system or refurbishing the galley, try to identify whether you will be able to realise a return on investment when it comes time to sell.

When refurbishing the interior of an aircraft it may be best to go with neutral tones and colours that are likely to appeal to a wider audience. Individual tastes can vary widely and what may say elegance and grace to one person may evoke very different associations to another and could put off a potential buyer. Better to play it safe and keep things neutral making it easier for potential buyers to envisage changes of their own.


Knowledge = Value

Review your flight department’s records and maintenance history, including ongoing operational costs. The more knowledgeably you can communicate your aircraft’s history and its operational costs, as well as its unique virtues, the better you can justify its price to a prospective buyer.

Assuming you’ve hired professional representation (i.e. a reputable broker), be sure to equip him or her with all the information necessary to leverage your aircraft’s unique benefits. An honest assessment of its potential drawbacks could also be helpful by avoiding surprises at inspection time. That level of honesty will be appreciated by the buyer and will lead to a smooth transaction.


Achieving the "maximum price"

The term “maximum price’ sounds simple but it is a relative term. Your aircraft will be competing in the open market against identical models by the same manufactures and comparable models by other manufactures. Better to think along the terms of ‘maximum value’ over maximum price. 

Maximum value is a reflection of factors including what is available in the market at time you wish to sell and how soon you need this to be done.

A good broker or dealer more than earns their fees as your representative. With their help the aircraft will usually sell much faster leading to greater overall savings making up for any commission. They will be the first to hear of qualified, motivated buyers, they will know the tools and services used by the industry and have the network and contacts to quickly ascertain the best marketing strategies.

They will be able to give you realistic estimates for the asking price of the aircraft and the time it should take to sell. Price and number of days on the market are integrally related, so be sure the representative you hire has a clear understanding of your expectations and constrictions. Buying or selling a pre-owned aircraft is complex and time consuming, it can also be more expensive than it should or need be. By trusting the project to Affinity Aviation Group you will benefit from the added value of the know-how and experience on offer enabling you to relaxin the knowledge that you will secure the aircraft – or price- you want.